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Is Axe Throwing Safe

Yes it's safe. Haulin' Axe's top priority is the safety of our throwers

Is Throwing An Axe Difficult

Learning to throw an axe is very simple, but mastering aim, power and trajectory may take some time. Some get it right away and others take a few tries. Your Axe Coach is there to help you stick that axe  and help you to develop your axe throwing skills.

What Is Your Drug/Alcohol Policy

Haulin' Axe has the right to turn away anyone they feel may be too inebriated to safely participate.

What  Should I Bring/Wear

Wear comfortable CLOSED TOE SHOES and  dress accordingly for weather if throwing outdoors

What Happens In The Event Of Inclement Weather

Haulin' Axe  is here to make sure that you have an enjoyable experience. In the event of rain or snow that would cause a dangerous throwing condition, Haulin' Axe will allow you to reschedule your event to another day and time as long as we have notice 4 hours before our arrival, and you are within 75 km's of our  location. 
Haulin' Axe has the final say to cancel an event.due to inclement weather.

What Are The Ages recommended For Axe Throwing

We recommend Mobile Axe Throwing for ages 13 and up. Anyone under the age of 18 must have their legal guardian with them during axe throwing.

What is Your Payment Policy

We require a 50% non-refundable retainer at the time of booking, to secure your date and a location. The balance is due on the day your event. Extra time must be reserved in advance.

How Much Space Is Needed For The Mobile Units

A minimum 20’ x 40’ (800 sq. ft.) area with a reasonably level ground is needed. Space shall be clear of overhead electrical lines, low hanging tree branches, and any other objects that may obstruct safe performance of the event. Space should also be clear of underground water wells, and/or septic tanks.

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