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Kyle Anderson and Michael Block's love for the sport of Axe Throwing came when they joined a local axe throwing business for their league night. After winning their respective leagues and developing a passion for the sport they both joined the company as coaches/supervisors for  3 years.

Realizing that there was a need for mobile axe throwing with the departure of their former company, Kyle and Mike became business partners and started Manitoba's only stand alone mobile axe throwing company, Haulin’ Axe.

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About: Team
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Michael quickly made a name for himself in the seedy world of Manitoba's underground axe throwing before turning legit and becoming a leaque champion in 2019. 
Sensing that his love for throwing sharp objects could be used for good,Michael joined up with his fellow axe champion Kyle to bring axe throwing to the masses.

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After 25 years in hospitality, Kyle thought he would try his hand in axe throwing. There he would became a league champion after lurking in the shadow's of Manitoba's underground axe throwing world. There he would meet fellow axe thrower Michael Block.
Knowing that the public would fall in love with the sport of axe throwing, he and Mike partnered up and Haulin' Axe was formed.

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